ACE Emergency Medical Training Academy (EMTA)

ACE has a hitech training academy providing real life training scenarios with its ALS computerises full size manikin. Our experienced medical instructors are fully certified to conduct Emergency care training for medical professionals, organisations that require this for Health & Safety Qualifications or for individuals who wish to learn first aid.

Training is tailor made and may be conducted on your premises and attendees will be awarded a valid certificate upon the completion of the course.

Our courses include the following:

Basic First Aid, CPR and AED Training Courses
Fire Management and Burn Care
Advanced First Aid
Basic and Advanced Trauma Training
Hunters, Guides and Safari Operators Emergency Care Training
Aviation Medical Training
Advanced Trauma management for healthcare providers
Ambulance Technician
Emergency room Advanced training Course


Certified air ambulance provider by the
Health Professionals Authority Of Zimbabwe
Certified Air Ambulance provider by the
Civil Aviation Authority Of Zimbabwe


Advanced Trauma Management for Healthcare Providers

ACE Air & Ambulance is committed to Professional Development and Continuing Education of our crews and we regularly conduct in-house training courses