Emergency & Medical Services

Emergency Medical Response to all life or limb threatening emergencies

Our experienced and qualified staff are fully trained to provide Advanced Life Support and critical medical care to sustain life and minimise permanent damage in the event of primary emergencies from head to toe.

ICU Transfers &
Intensive Care

Our staff are familiar with the procedures for inter-facility transfers and intensive care transportation, including the protocol for the transportation of organs. Our strong relationships with local hospital staff ensure a seamless and comfortable transition.

On-call Medical

With ER doctors and nurses on call, we can provide critical medical advice over the phone whilst Medical personnel are en route. Often this advice can mean the difference between life or death when no medical personnel are in physical attendance in initial critical phases of trauma.

Medical Case Management

We provide a subscribed service to guarantee payment cover for all medical expenses during emergencies and also provide patient administration throughout their medical needs until discharge. This includes: Hospital pre-bookings, ambulance services, special diagnostics, hospital care and procedures, inter-hospital transfers and relocation, managing medical aid claim forms, managing discharge and repatriation procedures. This service is especially important for: Diplomats and foreign government officials in Zimbabwe;  Foreign Tourists visiting Zimbabwe and Corporates with foreign / contract employees in Zimbabwe.

ACE Ambulance crew monitoring a sporting event

Specialised Sports/Public Event Medical Cover

We provide and quote for qualified Medical standby for special events at competitive rates:

Extreme Sports

Biking, Paddling, Climbing


Motocross, Rally and 4×4

School and Club Sports

Football, Rugby,
Cricket, etc.

Private Events

Corporate events, School events, Weddings

Public Outdoor Events

Concerts, Festivals and Markets

Our Services offered within these comprise of:

Advanced on-site tented medi-clinics with beds, oxygen, medications
and defribillator with heart monitor and necessary staff, able
to treat and discharge patients at the event.
Air Ambulance/Helicopter Rescue
Ambulances on site